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When Lucia left Bahrain to return to the UK, I knew I was in trouble (physically) … I am writing this 'Testimonial' with the advantage of hind-sight as I can relate to the Pre-Lucia and Post-Lucia periods ... In short I am currently a 45 year old who took up road cycling 18 months ago and started to get muscular pains all over as the rides got longer and more intensive ... But particularly in my neck/shoulders/back and related to an old rowing injury to my ribs/intercostals ... That old injury actually stopped my rowing but I converted to coaching and worked my way through to coaching the GB Women’s Eight at International Level ... I used to receive sports massage from the professional physiotherapists in Team GB and fundamentally I was amazed to find a comparable service operating out of a "Maids Room" in an Ex-Pat Bahrain Compound ... But that is what I found in Lucia ... Her ability and knowledge to quickly pin-point the primary problem area and then to apply the appropriate manipulation was un-distinguishable from the treatment I used to receive within Team GB and hugely ‘professional’ … I can only highlight how big a compliment this is intended to be ... International athletes and coaches do not tolerate injury or indecisive/ineffective treatment ... This means that the support team members in Team GB are there on merit ... And I would not hesitate to recommend Lucia to anyone as being someone who provides an excellent physio service ... The TRI and Bike guys in Bahrain lost a very good resource when Lucia left ... My shoulders are currently in desperate need of her attention
Gary Stubbs
Former coach of the GB Olympic Rowing Team
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