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Exercise - what science shows us - research by Michael Mosley - synopsis by me

Exercise – what science shows us As proven by Michael Mosley Medical, Journalist for the BBC, with fitness & cognitive scientists Most effective way to be fit Two Tests – 1) for strength in Global muscles; 2) Cardio, how fit is you more »

Why do Pilates?

Gave a presentation today at Barton Field Farm Equestrian about the importance of active stretches in the saddle and out of the saddle for you and your horse. Part of the talk covered the following: Why do Pilates? Pilates heightens more »

The Shoulder Bridge

  I love this exercise, it is so good for stimulating the synovial fluid in each disc between each spinal vertebra, that it will keep you flexible and moving as far into the future as you can imagine; keeping you happy, humping, horsing and h more »

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