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The last 14 years Lucia has been working with Chiropractors & Osteopaths in Spain, Oman, Bahrain and now Canterbury. Along with an active interest in Pilates & Yoga, she is acutely aware of the importance of good posture & flexibility; and how exercise, stretches & massage give us a wider range of movement.

Lucia has many years' experience working with horses in various disciplines, & has assisted in running yards in Spain & UK. She worked with various horses & riders whilst living in the Middle-East. EqCorePilates

This experience has enabled her to benefit many clients & horses in different countries; & now in Kent.

What is EqCorePilates? Being Fit2Ride

Bespoke Pilates programs (2-4 people max) to strengthen specific areas of weakness, based on initial assessment. Creating posture awareness and addressing postural issues What are the benefits of EqCorePilates? Being Fit2Ride EqCorePilates A strong core is a happy core; having stability gives you the ability to be more mobile and flexible. A strong core helps maintain balance, as our inner ear is affected as we age. To be able to continue to do the things you enjoy for longer due to core strength developed from a series of progressive classes. Being Fit, having a strong core, will keep you in the saddle for longer, & less likely to fall off

What my customers say...

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  • Dani Shaw

    Dani Shaw

    " I would thoroughly recommend Lucia's sports massages to help with you and your horses busy training schedules "

  • Charlotte Redshaw

    Charlotte Redshaw

    " Lucia was a godsend for my horse Roo when she was on semi permanent box rest "

  • Gary Stubbs

    Gary Stubbs

    " I would not hesitate to recommend Lucia to anyone "

  • Mike Barnes

    Mike Barnes

    " Lucia combines professionalism and knowledge with a friendly personality "

  • Toby Leyland

    Toby Leyland

    " For targeted injury prevention, pain relief and muscle relief I cannot recommend Lucia highly enough "

Prevention vs Cure

Keeping the musculoskeletal system in optimum condition through regular exercise, stretches & massage can prevent injury from occurring.

Combination of exercise & massage = keep active for longer

Good mobility = Better performance

Why use EqCorePilates- Fit2Ride?

To have posture assessed; to strengthen and develop areas of weakness; to realise the importance of breath; to focus and maximise core muscles and their synergists. TO be a happy, healthy version of you, keeping balance, muscle tone, and level of fitness, prevent age related disabilities.
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